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  • How do I book a custom cover?
    Message Daqri on Facebook, or email her! She'll discuss the specifics with you.
  • Is there a deposit to book customs, and is it refundable?"
    Full priced customs have a 50% non-refundable deposit. Should a client need to cancel their project, monies paid in would transfer to cash-value store credit.
  • I see a premade I like. How do I purchase it?
    You can either check out directly on the website, or contact Daqri directly to see if it's available.
  • I bought a premade. How do I get it completed?
    Email the author, title, subtitle (for ebook), and the page count, trim size, back blurb, and paper type (for wrap) to to get scheduled onto a completion day.
  • I want to get my premade ebook now. If I bought the wrap option, can I wait to have it done later?"
    Of course!
  • What is a "Completion Day"?"
    Completion Days are coined for the day that premades and other graphic requests are completed. Daqri does scheduled completions on Wednesdays. In order to get on her schedule, all information for the completion, be it premade or graphic, needs to be emailed to her by Tuesday evenings. Due to volume, Daqri cannot take same-day requests.
  • I bought a premade, but don't think I will use it now. Can I return it?"
    Due to the nature of the product, returns/refunds are not allowed. However, transfers of the premade may be possible in a case-by-case circumstance.
  • I bought a premade. Does anyone else know I bought it?
    No. Much like customs, Covers by Combs does not reveal who purchased the cover until they've been notified that the client has revealed the cover.
  • Does Covers by Combs hold premades until I can afford it?
    Unfortunately, the only time Covers by Comb holds onto premades is when they've been sold.
  • I need a custom cover but you're booked out too far. Do you offer rush orders?
    Depending on the time frame, Daqri can sometimes work out a rush. There is addititonal fees for rush orders.
  • Where does Covers by Combs find their photos for covers?
    All photos used in a book cover come from reputable stock sites like and For the safety of your business, never use an author who has "Free Stock" or "Public Domain/Creative Commons" images in their covers. Sites that list "Public Domain/Creative Commons" images do not check the copyright on images that could be uploaded by anyone.
  • I want to use stock from Period Images or Neostock in my cover. Will Covers by Combs purchase those images?
    Stock included in the design fee are sites that I'm subscribed to, like and If you would like stock from a boutique company, purchase stock before our appointment and email it to Daqri, or notify Daqri which image you'd like and it will be added to your invoice. The cost of the image+$1.13 will be added to your invoice to account for fees/taxes.
  • Can I make a banner out of a cover Covers by Combs designed for me?
    If the banner directly pertains to the book it was designed for, yes. Covers created by Covers by Combs are allowed to be "cropped and chopped" for graphics like banners, ads, teasers, etc.
  • Can I modify a finalized cover Covers by Combs emailed me, and use that cover on product pages?"
    No. The finalized cover needs to be present on product pages. Modified covers are against Covers by Combs's contract and is cause for a DMCA take down notice to the retailers with the modified cover.
  • I purchased a premade cover, but I'm not sure when I will use it. Does it expire or get re-listed for sale?"
    No, it does not expire and it does not get re-listed. Once a premade cover is sold, it's sold. Premade covers are only sold once.
  • How long do I have to pay invoices?
    Invoices are due upon being recieved by the client unless clearly specified otherwise.
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