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about daqri

What should have been a dabble in photoshop turned into a full-blown obsession with design. Now, Daqri dedicates her time to creating quality book covers for authors and "dabblers" alike. At the end of the day, her greatest joy is knowing that her authors are going into the book world with not only a cover they love, but a cover they can be proud of. 

She's a proud mother of four (three fur brats and one red-headed hellion), and wife to a ginger caveman. When she's not chasing the mini goblin around, her face is buried in either her laptop or a book. An avid reader just as much as she is a designer, her goal is to provide authors with quality, marketable covers that'll bring them one step closer to reaching their dream.

Daqri is a two-time award-winning graphic designer based out of Wisconsin, who dabbles in all genres but specializes in fantasy, and contemporary romance.

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